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The last 6, recreated (For B19)

A recreation of my "The last 6" scenario for B19 and Vanilla compatible. For players who want to get right into a colony with a large population. This start may seem easier than others, due to the abundance of weaponry, however the food supplied will last less than half the time of the standard Crashlanded scenario. You also start with less steel available immediately but with an excess of wood. If you want a harder challenge, let the Charge Rifle decay rather than equipping it. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 6 people out of a choice of 8. Incident(s) disabled: -Short circuit Start with: -Silver x800 -Packaged survival meal x15 -Medicine x50 -Component x40 -Charge rifle -Bolt-action rifle -Pistol x3 -Plasteel knife -Warg x3 -Steel x150 -Wood x450 -Insect Jelly x150 Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x7 -Steel x720 -Packaged survival meal x30