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Prisoner Harvesting

Updated to version 1! Version Beta 19 here. http://www [DOT] mediafire [DOT] com/file/dtrga56bqr06egz/Gassy_Mods_B19.rar/file Simple mod. Allows you to harvest any prisioner without making your colony have a mood swing, no longer you will need to re-roll a character to be able to harvest organs with the psychopath trait. It works with every mod except Harvest Organs post Mortem and Pyscology (so far), it was for my own use but i seen a lot of people complaing about how you cant harvest organs from raiders who were trying to kill you moments earlier. This could make the game very easy money-wise, so have some restrain on how many tribals you want to butcher. Preview image: Bluedrake42 INCOMAPTIBLE WITH HARVEST ORGANS POST MORTEM AND PYSCOLOGY.