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Xen's Big Animals

Adds 3 large, rare animals to the game. Some may spawn wild - some will only appear with traders! (or random join, like huskies etc) Variety is the spice of life! Arctic Cat: Your basic arctic cat (maybe I'll make a snow-leopard pattern skin for it later) Dire Wolf: Big, and bad ass. Tiny babies. Much Doge. Shear their thick luxurious coat periodically for vaulable wool! Can be trained as a pack animal. Xenguana: My frst creature. Very dangeous if not managed properly! BEWARE!! MUAHAHA! I hate cows and chickens. That's how this mod started. I made my own special Iguana variant to replace them for farming, and that led to me feeling the game was needing a couple more cool "large" animals. I'm no artist, so these are just using the basic textures with color shading (or WITHOUT color shading in the case of the cat).

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