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v1.7 CatsAreCleverToo Sets Training Intelligence for Cats, both big and small to advanced.... changelog: v1.0 first version v1.01 thanks to Qwynn for pointing out i only need to add the part of the .def file i change to increase compatibility with other mods .. should work better now v1.02 changed targetversion to 0.18.1722 v1.1 changed to patch system, thanks to Broken Valkyrie for the code snippet... v1.2 changed to work with version 0.19.2009 as of this version, the developer finally acknowledged the superior intellect of big cats, so this mod now only has to correct the intelligence on cat and lynx v1.3 changed targetVersion to 1.0.0 v1.3.1 ammended tags to use supportedVersions instead of old targetVersion v1.4 added mutliversion support for 1.0 and 1.1 v1.5 added 1.2 compatibility v1.6 added 1.3 compatibility v1.7 added 1.4 compatibility

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