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A unique way to make unique items for your special colonists: Randomly enchants equipment. [h1]Features[/h1] [b]Varying infusions for everyone[/b] All weapons and apparels have a chance to get infused. They will have its own label, various stat buffs and color coded overlay. Note that enemies might carry infused equipment too. [b]Stat bonuses[/b] An infusion grants an item many minor bonuses, including melee damage, ranged accuracy, attack speed, movement speed, global work speed, specific job speed bonus and more. [b]Fully customizable[/b] If you don't like something or want to add your own infusion, go to InfusionDefs folder and edit it. All infusions can be deleted and modified via XML. No C# knowledge required. Do you want to increase the chances or the quality? Go to the mod options and suit your preferences. [h1]F.A.Q.[/h1] [b]Can I install this on existing colonies?[/b] Yes, you can use Infused with your ongoing game. [b]Can I use this with (random mod)?[/b] Yes! Everything works with any mod. [b]Differences with Infusion2?[/b] - Multiplayer support. - CombatExtended support. - Inspection tab is lacking colored information here :( - The way to remove infusions is with an [b]Empty Infusion Amplifier[/b], which will store your infusion to apply somewhere else. Essentially Infusion relocation. Yay! - Infused infusions need some balance :( ... but they're overwhelmingly big in numbers :D - OnHit effects infusions apply to anything (melee, ranged, apparel), they're exceedingly rare to find though! (super OP). Their chance isn't flat, it's controlled by the stat [b]Infuse Damage Chance[/b] with a minimun of 10%. - Explosive bullets only shred and hit multiple parts, there is no AOE, I feel that's way too unbalanced, Infused allows infusion relocations so if you put it to a shoddy minigun or smg and stack Infused Damage Chance on your apparel to 100%, it'll eat through raids so easily it'll make Cassandra cry. [h1]Bugs[/h1] Report in [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=21884.0]Thread in forums[/url] or [url=https://github.com/notfood/RimWorld-Infused]Github[/url] [h1]Special Thanks[/h1] - Latta, original mod - Skyarkangel, magic infusions - Raydarken, tech infusions - Trunken, german translation [h1]Encourage me to keep modding[/h1] [url=ko-fi.com/notfood][img]https://i.imgur.com/yX5i0SX.png[/img][/url]