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WM Medivac

* Allows you to load downed pawns into pods (medivac!) IMPROVED MEDICAL BED SELECTION * Best medical beds for pawns who need tending, surgery or immunity gain. * Standard medicals beds for pawns who just need rest. MEDICAL BED SELECTION Colonists will try to get to the best medical bed for operation. This means: Bed < Bed with vital monitor < Medical bed with vital monitor < Any non-vanilla bed that's even better. The second criteria of selection is the level of comfort of the bed and finally, the distance. If they don't need tending nor to gain immunity however, they will leave the best medical beds free. Emergency: If your pawn needs urgent tending (severe blood loss), it will just find the closest bed instead. KNOWN ISSUES When trying to find a medical, in some very rare case, an error will occur. I could not pinpoint that out yet. FULL DESCRIPTION HERE https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=30708.0

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