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DDA Security and More

[b][i]Hey, Onesan, lets mine through this idiots puny wall and lay waste to everyone and everything within![/i][/b] [h1][b]Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and more will be added![/b][/h1] DaemonDeathAngels Discord - [url=https://discord.gg/5Q2Y5G9]Link[/url] I often stream Rimworld, sometimes doing so while I work on the Mod, Feel free to follow me at DaemonDeathAngels Twitch - [url=https://twitch.tv/daemondeathangel]Link[/url] [code] [b]Added Content[/b] Re-Inforced Walls | Requires Steel Plates Blast Door | Requires Steel Plates Re-Inforced Manned Shotgun Turret | Requires Steel Plates Re-Inforced Manned Sniper Turret | Requires Steel Plates Re-Inforced Manned Gattling Turret | Requires Steel Plates Barbed Wire | Does Not Require Plates Fences | Does Not Require Plates Industrial Heater | Does Not Require Plates Industrial Cooler | Does Not Require Plates Metal Working Table | Used to Make Steel Plates[/code] [code] [b]Known Issues[/b] [i]Currently No Known Mod Conflicts[/i] Update Error: With the recent update, I broke some peoples saves by changing def names, if you are recieving errors about missing def names, just place down a new metal working table and remove the old one, that should fix your errors on save and reload. If you had wood re-inforced walls, you will have to create a new game in order to use the mod, as wooden reinforced walls were removed, and will cause saves to fail. Report a conflict in the "Bug Report" Thread. [/code] [code] [b]Change Log[/b] [i]4-02-2017 : 16:45 Changelog[/i] Wood Walls No Longer Capable of Being Reinforced Cooler Material Cost Fixed Turrets Added Reinforced Wall Flamability Removed Fixed Conflict With http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=756216922. [/code] By massive request, the description has been changed to somewhat further explain what the mod does! <3 Thanks you to BaRKy from youtube for the awesome Mod Showcase! Go and show this guy some love. https://www.youtube.com/user/BaRKy1911 Wall and Fence textures by mrofa and Abrexus

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