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Malpaís - Fallout fiction primer

Father slain, camp destroyed, and taken from my mother? Enough to crush any boy I’d say. The elders didn’t know the meaning of ‘war’ back then. Treated it as a game. A game to be played by men of the tribe, and a rite of passage, if you will. Children from other tribes beat me into the dirt without mercy, both during and outside of training. Some were older, some had better form, and all had a fighting spirit. It took months before mine returned to me. In those months a slave saw to my injuries, taking it upon herself to teach me of Mars while doing so. She spoke of the old world and the old war, and how Caesar, son of Mars, is uniting the new world through a new war. Of course it was at first difficult to denounce my old beliefs: It seemed impossible that there once stood a civilization lifetimes ago. Eventually though, a single phrase stuck with me: [i]Pax per bellum[/i], meaning ‘peace through war’. Now I stand tall before you, having slain many men in the name of Mars, Caesar and war, but with the hope of peace. As the legion grows in strength, more tribes opt to capitulate rather than to face combat. Proof in my eyes that peace will one day be a reality. And in that reality there is no place for democracy; which has time and time again led to conflict by way of greed and corruption. With an absolute ruler and an empire united under the bull, neither cancer will find space to grow. (Malpaís is suitable for experienced RimWorld players. For additional Fallout flavour, select Randy Random AI storyteller and colonize an arid map tile and planet. No mods required.) (Some Fallout NV settlements constructed in old RimWorld versions for inspiration: [url=http://i.imgur.com/Pb5SJdW.png] Goodsprings [/url], [url=http://i.imgur.com/12L2LUB.png] Hidden Valley Bunker [/url], [url=http://i.imgur.com/pSk0p5B.png] Fortification Hill [/url])

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