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Medieval Kingdom

After a civil war that devstated much of their home province. These few brave men (and women), set out to build a new home far from the reaches of war. Can they make a new life for themselves in the land they once called home? Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 10 people. Incident created: -LeaderElection -Trader caravan arrival Incident(s) disabled: -Heat wave -Cold snap -Orbital trader arrival Can never build: -Hi-tech research bench -Vitals monitor -Ship computer core -Solar generator -Geothermal generator -Wind turbine -Tube television -Multi-analyzer -Mortar -Incendiary mortar -EMP mortar -Ship cryptosleep casket -Ship engine -Ship reactor -Ship structural beam -Cryptosleep casket -Comms console Start with: -Silver x200 -Pemmican x220 -Herbal medicine x16 -Steel Longsword x4 -Steel spear x3 -Short bow x2 -Husky x1 -Wood x500 -Labrador retriever x1

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