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Midworld Raid

Eight moderatly equipped soldiers from a neighboring Midworld have been given a dangerous task- to scout this Rimworld and see if it is worthy of colonization. Their home world, Gradus III, has a massive overpopulation problem, and needs more space for residents. As they left it, disease and starvation had run rampant, and little was to be done for whoever could not find enough to feed thier family. These eight were trained from a young age, and know full well that they are Gradus's last chance. Your eight troops will air-drop in, with a lot of building and combat supplies. They will all be young, bred for combat, and have an iron will. Your soldiers will be able to take a lot more abuse than average, and have a lot more strength than the average person. They know thier way around firearms more than most others. Additionally, they have engineering degrees, and can thus build a lot quicker than average. The mission is two-hundred days long. Stay on the world and scout it until your off-world associate can be sure that the world is sutable. The team will be assaulted regularly, at least once every twenty days. If they wish, they can attempt to stay behind on the world and clear out all of the hostiles. Your troops are hardened, and thus are immune to psychic assaults and ransom attempts. However, they are also paranoid, and will not accept any outsiders unless they have been specifically captured for such purposes. Additionally, any animals that get too friendly too quickly will be rejected, and animals will have to be manually tamed. Recommended to be played with the Prepared Carefully mod for character personalization, seeing as you start with the eight characters you will keep the whole game. Additionally, it would let you change thier stats so that you don't end up with eight gunmen who can't shoot straight. Have fun! Prepare Carefully Mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735106432&searchtext=prepare+carefully

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