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[A17] Backup Generators

MOD DEPRECATED. Please visit the [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1340516870]new B18 mod[/url] for proper B18 operation and configurability, thanks! Backup generators provide a stopgap to prevent black/brownouts when battery reserves are depleted. Features -------------------------------- * Generators start producing power when connected reserves are critically low (<= 200 Wd) and stop when reserves exceed 1000 Wd or their power is flicked off/on * Brand new art! Uranium version! Thanks, Xsile! Specifics -------------------------------- * Each generator type should appear in the Power category when the research requirements are fulfilled (see: Change Log) * Generators consume some fuel even when idling, although less than power-producing Vanilla fueled generators Wood: * 1200W * 75 capacity * 5 days active * 2 quadrums 7 days idle * MultiAnalyzer to unlock * 150 Steel, 6 Component to build Chemfuel: * 2100W * 75 capacity * 7 1/2 days active * 1 year 2 quadrums idle * MultiAnalyzer and Refining to unlock * 200 Steel, 8 Component to build Uranium: * 4000W * 1 capacity * 10 days active * 2 years idle * MultiAnalyzer and ShipReactor to unlock * 250 Plasteel, 10 Component, 10 Uranium to build Feedback Welcome -------------------------------- Let us know if there are bugs, balance issues, or features you'd like to see! Change Log 2017/04/08, 1.2.1: Behavior additions * Generators can now be minified, i.e. installed/uninstalled * Since they generate some amount of heat, the heater hinting shows when placing generators * Documentation flub on 1.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/07/14, 1.2.2: A17 support * Thanks to ProximityMicrowave for beating me to the punch! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/07/30, 1.3: Updated size/graphics and tuning * Thanks to Xsile for new graphics and adjustments! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/08/01, 1.3.1: Generators work without batteries! * Also, TL;DR documentation Roadmap -------------------------------- * Animations! * Size and orientation changes, TBD * On/off thresholds configurability * Other options? License -------------------------------- Please feel free to pull this apart and make any derivative work you like as long as it's not a straight copy to claim this work as your own. Attribution is not required but is always appreciated.

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