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[A18] Balanced Neutroamine Production

Despite entirely forgetting how to mod and losing interest in RimWorld, due to the overwhelming amount of requests, I have finally updated the mod to Alpha 18, enjoy! (Special thanks to CIEm for providing basically all of the code for the version change) A simple mod that adds a plant called Neutroaleaf, Which can be refined into Neutroamine at a drug lab or turned into Herbal Medicine at a crafting spot. I'm aware that mods that add craftable Neutroamine already exist, But I felt like they were a little unbalanced sometimes, So I made my own and did my best to keep it balanaced. Full crafting process: Plant Neutroaleaf. Harvest Neutroaleaf to get Neutroaleaves. Refine Neutroaleaves in a drug lab. (Requires research "Neutroaleaf Refining") Or turn into herbal medicine at crafting spot. ??? Profit! Should be compatible with pre-existing saves. If you have any issues with the mod, Before asking me about it I would suggest reloading the mod, That usually fixes any problems, Though one user has specified their issues and found out it might conflict with 'Animal Tab'. So if you use that mod you might want to disable it, Or disable this. Will most likely confict with any mod that overwrites Neutroamine. Thank you for potentially downloading!

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