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No butchering Animal Colony debuff B18

This mod changes two things : - the value of the social debuff for a pawn killing a colony animal (butchering it) : to 0 from -5. - the stacking of this debuff (initial one is 1 per pawn). passing it to 0 per pawn remove this debuff from the game. Why this two changes ? Because the debuff is not remove as soon you charge a save. He is removed only when the pawn is killing (again) an animal (reseting the debuff). So changing the debuff value is for the retroactive effect and remove the stacking is for the rest of your game. (sorry for this english, probably a lot of mistake but not my main language...) B18 note : due to ingame change in the .xml file for the ThoughtDefs files, this mod doen't work anymore in A17 version. Mp me if your need it, I will explain you what you have to change :) B19 update available there : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1522390503