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The Piper

Your earliest memory is of the wild. You don't remember your parents, but you know they abandoned you early on. Now you're on your own. That is of course excluding your family of rats! Start out as a tribe of one with 5 rats, and 5 boomrats. Your starter tribesman does not belong with other people. He/she has increased chances of several undesirable traits, but works very efficiently so why need new colonists? If you want a Tarzan-like story with a wild-child and a family of critters, here you go. ___________________________________________________________________ Start with 1 new tribesman standing Tame chance x2 Train chance x3 increased chance of the following traits: Industrious Jogger Ascetic Stageringly Ugly Annoying Voice Creepy Breathing Abrasive Nudist Cannibal Already researched: Devilstrand Brewing Stonecutting Start with: 5 Rats 5 Boomrats 1 Shortbow 1 Spear 250 Steel 2000 Wood 150 Silver 50 Components (may change in future update) 18 Herbal Medicine 82 Pemmican 200 Hay 45 Kibble The ruins of your burned down hut.

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