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Rim Farmers

You were dropped off by the ship as promised, on a harsh rimworld full of danger! This is not what you signed up for when you accepted the Homesteaders Contract! Shortly after leaving the ground, the ship fired a video probe into the ground at your feet. "Congratulations on arriving at your destination! We of the Homesteaders Association wish to apologize for the sudden change in plans. With so many signing up to colonize Rimworlds, we are running out of garden worlds to send colonists to. Based on your profiles and ability tests, we determined that you have a greater than 70% chance of surviving and thriving on this world! Congratulations again on your choice to be a part of the Homsteaders Association!" Well...crap...guess there's no turning back now. You'll have to make your way on the unforgiving and violent planet that they dropped you off at... (Best played on a harsher (iceball or all desert) planet, 4 rimworld farmers looking to settle down Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 4 people. Start with: -Survival rifle x4 -Husky x4 -Packaged survival meal x24

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