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[A17] Divided Construction Tasks

A simple mod to divide construction into several smaller categories, and allows any pawn to do the less skill-dependent tasks (building/removing roofs, deconstructing, etc.) Also moves a couple other tasks to different categories. ------- UPDATED VERSION, courtesy of betaALPHA https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1952227976 ------- Divides construction tasks into 3 categories: 'Maintenance' (repairing, roofing, etc.), Construction (building new structures/components), and Demolition (deconstructing things and uninstalling/relocating furniture.) Resetting traps has been moved from hauling to maintenance, and refueling things is in both maintenance and hauling. Maintenance and Demolition can be performed by any pawn able to use the construction skill. The priority/order of the tasks remains the same even though they are separated into different jobs (for the construction tasks, any tasks taken from hauling, etc. are different.) I realized after uploading all these little task tweaks of mine that the preview icons all look pretty much the same. Check out the other ones too, they aren't the same mod lol. Direct Download: https://github.com/Dimondheart/RimWorldDividedConstructionTasks/releases Thanks to Coldmoon for making the English and Korean translation files! ~~~Mod Compatability~~~ -Compatable with Fluffy Breakdowns (its task(s) have been moved to maintenance), make sure to load this mod after Fluffy Breakdowns - May conflict with mods that change construction-related tasks - Works with mods that add new structures, and should work with most mods that add/change non-construction tasks/jobs ~~~Regarding Saves~~~ -Sometimes can be added to existing save games (sometimes it works, other times it doesn't) -Can be removed from existing saves, but you will probably have to reconfigure the job priorities ~~~Updates~~~ See change notes