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Canned Food

This simple mod gives you the opportunity to make canned food, which are great for both storaging and preserving food. To make canned food, you either need 5 meat or 5 vegetable and a can. You can easily make a can at the smithy for 1 steel, but you first need to research Smithing and Canning, before you are able to do all these things. Your colonists can directly eat the canned food or use these as a part of an ingredient. The canned food themselves won't spoil and it will take a really long time to deteriorate if they are outside. You can of course still play on your old save after downloading this mod. Credits: JuliaEllie for making the early version for this mod. Milon for maintaining and adding new features until A12d. *NOTE* This is my first time ever making mods, so if there are any bugs/balancing issues, then make sure to leave some comments! *EDIT* I'm very busy with the university and I also have some few things to do, so I will not have much time to work further on the mod. I will try to update the mod to the latest version when I have time. Thanks a lot for subscriptions, I never expected it to be that popular. :D