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[b]Quote:[/b] [i]I just want to say what a beautiful mod this is. The zombies behave exactly how I want them to behave, as in they build up over time if you don't keep culling them, they're manageable IF everything else is going well but as soon as things starting getting hectic (raids, pawns downed etc) they can become a real threat. And the customisation options are just wonderful also. Big thanks to the mod author, I was trying to take a break from Rimworld but with this mod that's just not possible.[/i] [hr][/hr] Do you like The Walking Dead? Are you afraid of The Undead? Good. Because this mod will give you the Heebie-jeebies! This is not your average Zombie mod. In Zombieland, Zombies are everywhere in this Zombie Apocalypse! They crawl out of the ground in masses, hunt you down, bash your doors and eat you alive! At night, their blood lust will steer them towards your base. So better be prepared! Zombies attack anything that moves, smells and makes sounds. They do not discriminate and attack your animals, your enemies and even traders. There are rumors of maps with well over one thousand zombies. Shoot them and they keep going, kill them and they respawn. Zombieland features custom made Zombies with simulated instincts. Most default Rimworld functions have been disabled on them to allow for a smooth game play experience. Therefore, you cannot select or harvest them. Beside zombies, there is also a new feature called 'Contamination'. It spreads through any contact and cumulates over time. Using the avaiable information (overlay button, inspectors) you can monitor all things and pawns and adapt to this new threat that is hard to get rid off. Accept quests from allies for decontamination or burn things to the ground. Your best bet is to manage it and choose who will be affected most. Don't worry, it spreads very slowly and is mainly a threat for the late game. Finally, don't miss out on cool new mechanics like Zombie Thumper, Zombie Shocker and an unique weapon: the chainsaw! It auto-kills on contact when equipped so be careful when hitting walls or your own colonists. [b]COMPATIBILITIES[/b] ✓ Can be added to an existing save ✓ Can be removed from a save (has its own remove feature in the mods settings) ✓ Works with Combat Extended ✓ Put it LAST in your mod list for best compatibility [b]INCOMPATIBILITIES[/b] 💀 Multiplayer will never be compatible 💀 Time Control breaks Zombies so they never move 💀 SoS2 works but you need to adapt your settings 💀 Androids and other mods doing machines based on human pawns cannot be distinguished from humans made out of flesh and zombies will bite and infect them. If your android is based on Alien Framework, tell the author to implement the new flesh property because Zombieland understands it 💀 If you have mod conflicts, try to reproduce them with a minimal mod setup and if they persist, report them to the official discord (see below) [b]FULL DOCUMENTATION (a bit outdated, work in progress)[/b] https://github.com/pardeike/Zombieland/blob/master/README.md Your best way to learn about Zombieland is to read the side channel on the mod settings and all the tooltips on all the things related to Zombieland. They will help you understand the mod [b]TUTORIAL (SPOILER WARNING)[/b] https://youtu.be/e2Kbt9xyTno (thanks go to the lovely Jadziax) [b]CUSTOMIZATION[/b] Zombieland gives other mods the ability to define custom zombie graphics. Here is a simple source code template to get you started: https://gist.github.com/pardeike/a24c10abe76d92424f419d50fe16297e [hr][/hr] [b]FEEDBACK[/b] [i]The Comments section is disabled and your only way to send feedback is via my [url=https://discord.gg/fQp4MDbdxg]discord server[/url][/i] [b]MY OTHER MODS[/b] I make RimWorld mods since 2015. Check out all my other mods on my [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/brrainz/myworkshopfiles/?p=1&numperpage=30]Workshop page[/url] [b]SUPPORT ME![/b] Please support me with as little as $1 on my [url=https://patreon.com/pardeike]Patreon page[/url] [b]CONTACT[/b] Andreas Pardeike Email: andreas@pardeike.net Discord: https://discord.gg/DsFxX5PG67 Twitter: https://twitter.com/pardeike Twitch: https://twitch.tv/brrainz

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