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Ninja Package

[b]【NEWS】08.06.2020[/b] Special thanks to @[h1][b]velcroboy333[/b][/h1] for the new update, I really appreciate the work and thank you for your support! [h1]For Version 1.1 updates, link below:[/h1] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2177076601 ---------------------------------------- 【NEWS】05.28.2017 Add two new items: Ninja soft armor and Ninja ration ball. Ninja soft armor can be made on tailoring bench (Electric) and tailoring bench (Hand). It can provide the basic protection, and improves the move speed of user. Ninja ration ball can be cooked on electric stove, fueled stove and campfire. You can cook a lot of Ninja ration ball with just little raw material. ================ 05.27.2017 Add other two Factions —— Akaki Ninja Regiment and Shadow Ninja Legions Shadow Ninja Legions: They have lost faith in justice and become evil people. They relied on looting to get supplies, which caused great damage to the peace of the planet. Be careful, they will raid your bases. Akaki Ninja Regiment: It is a Ninja Regiment that has lived this planet for years and they are tired of wars. These people are looking forward peace. But it does not mean that they will tolerate the invasion of the enemies, they will fight until they are dead. Now you can interact with this faction. For example, you can make trades with it, the traders are quite weathy and their bases are always full of treasures. \nIf you get in trouble, why don't you call the friendly forces? They will be glad to help you. ================= 05.26.2017 Add a hidden Faction —— Wandering Ninja Regiment. They will appear randomly, they are a group of Ninja whose base might be destroyed. They don't have a fixed place to live. Sometimes, they are friendly, but sometimes, they are not. ================== This is a MOD of Ninaja objects. There are Ninja star, Ninja suit, Ninja scarf and Ninja sword in the MOD and all of them are makeable. If you have any question or find any bugs, please contact with me. =============== =============== 【更新】05.28.2017 添加了两项新的物品: 忍者软甲和忍者军粮丸。 忍者软甲可以使用电动或者手动缝纫台制作。 它可以提供基础的防御,并且提高使用者的速度。 忍者军粮丸可以再电炉,燃炉和篝火中烹饪。 你可以使用很少的材料制作大量的军粮丸。 05.27.2017 添加了另两个派系—— 赤木忍者军团 和 黑影忍者军团 黑影忍者军团:他们是一群失去正义信仰的恶人,依靠掠夺来获取物资,并对这颗星球的安全造成了很大的破坏。 赤木忍者军团: 这个军团在这个星球上已经有一段时间了并且他们已经厌倦了战争。这些人们渴望和平。但是这并不意味着他们会忍受敌人对他们的侵犯,他们会与之战斗直至死亡。 现在你可以和这个派系互动,比如你可以和他们做交易,商人们十分的富有,并且他们的根据地里有大量的财富。如果你有任何麻烦,为什么不向他们呼叫友军求助呢?他们会很乐意帮助你的。 05.26.2017 添加了一个隐藏派系—— 流浪忍者军团 他们是一组据点被摧毁的流浪忍者,他们居无定所,有时他们很有善,但有时不会。 最初版本:这是一个忍者物品的MOD 其中有手里剑,忍者短刀,忍者服,忍者头巾,且皆可制作。 若果你有任何的问题或者发现任何BUG请让我知道。 谢谢你的支持和理解。 (汉化已完成( • ̀ω•́ )✧) ==================

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