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[A17] Divided Hauling Tasks

Divides Hauling tasks into 3 separate categories: Loading (loading/unloading caravans and other transports), Mortician (burial and cremation), and Hauling (general hauling tasks, i.e. everything else.) Another mod of mine goes well with this one, it allows haulers to also bring resources to blueprints (Dingo has a mod already that does this, mine is slightly different but both work with my other mods): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952779481 Before anyone says it, yes I know I did not use "morifying" and "mortify" correctly for the Mortician category, but there's a lack of verbs in the english language about performing the duties of a mortician. And it's kinda comical, so good enough for me. I realized after uploading all these little task tweaks of mine that the preview icons all look pretty much the same. Check out the other ones too, they aren't the same mod lol. Direct Download: https://github.com/Dimondheart/RimWorldDividedHaulingTasks/releases Thanks to Coldmoon for the English and Korean translations! ~~~Mod Compatability~~~ - May conflict with mods that change hauling related tasks/jobs ~~~Regarding Saves~~~ -Cannot always be added to existing saves (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't) -Can be removed from existing saves, but you may have to reconfigure the job priorities Thanks to "quickerthanlight" for suggesting separating hauling tasks like my other task tweak mods. ~~~Updates~~~ See change notes