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NeuTech Advanced Medical Pod

NeuTech - Advanced Medical Pod Using the latest medical technology from NeuTech, including Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy and Robotically-Assisted Treatment, the Advanced Medical Pod improves postoperative recovery, treatment of injury/illness, accelerates immunity, and reduces healing time. Connectable to Vitals Monitor. Does NOT induce cryptosleep. Comfort 90% Bed Rest Effectiveness 90% Immunity Gain Speed 150% Medical Tend Quality 20% Heat Per Second 2 Requirements / Usage Metals 150 Steel 100 Plasteel 60 Component 20 Medicine 15 Power 1000W Functions the same as a Medical Bed. Requires power connection. Requires NeuTech - Advanced Medical Pod research: Base Cost 3000 Required Research Building Hi Tech Research Bench Required Research Facilites MultiAnalyzer Prerequisite Hospital Bed Compatibility Should be compatible with all mods

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