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Smarter Crashland Scenario

Ever wondered what Rimworld would be like if you had a team of people smart enough to wire their electrity grid to prevent short circuits, or even build a cave in such a way that it has no holes for bugs to crawl through? Well now you can find out! The three of you awake in your cryptosleep sarcophagi to the sound of sirens and ripping metal. You barely get to the escape pods before the ship is torn apart. All the other researchers- the mobile university- LOST! Some time later, you land on this unknown rimworld. Further research should be performed... Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 3 people. Player starting characters have a 50% chance to start with trait: Too smart Incident(s) disabled: -Short circuit -Infestation Start with: -Silver x800 -Packaged survival meal x44 -Medicine x30 -Component x30 -Bolt-action rifle -Pistol -Plasteel knife -Random pet x1 -Steel x450 -Wood x300 Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x3 -Steel x720 -Packaged survival meal x7

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