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The Last Monks

Fun and challenging gamemode suggested by Reddit user /u/Jamaicanbobslayer. Play as monks who only use melee and no guns. For best results, bash raiders and release them unharmed– eventually everyone will realise you come in peace. Or don't! You can have fun either way. --- Your brothers and sisters are now in the eternal sleep. Blood poured through the cracks in the tiles of your monastery, which welcomed thousands of pilgrims, many of whom dedicated their lives to The Way. But that was another time. You are the sole surviving vessels of The Way– and with its guidance, you have been tasked with building anew. Swear once again, brother, to abstain from poisons or gunpowder. Those are for the wanting. Swear to turn the other cheek– freeing from shackles those who sowed discord. And finally, heed the guidance of The Way. Your faction will be a New Tribe. Start with 5 people. All characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Brawler Can never build: -Improvised turret -Incendiary mortar -IED trap -IED incendiary trap Start with: -Silver x200 -Pemmican x300 -Herbal medicine x20 -Wooden club x5 -Hare x3 -Wood x500

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