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Rimworld Thai language

RimWorld Thai This is the Thai translation data for RimWorld. Compatible with RimWorld version: 1.2.2723 (Aug 11, 2020) Manual Install In case you want bleeding-edge translation, you could install it manually follow these step: git clone or download zip from repo: https://github.com/Ludeon/RimWorld-Thai Copy all language files to <RimWorldDir>/Data/Core/Languages/Thai (create a Thai folder if doesn't exist). Run game and change language to Thai. (also don't forget to disabled the Thai language mod if you have it active) For translators We appreciate any willing to help, to contribute see: http://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=2933.0 Before start working on Thai translation please take a look at relevant information on Wiki. Current Status Summary copied from current translation report generate by the game, list below generated on 2020-08-12 ☑️ (0) General load errors ️️☑️ (0) Def-injected translations load errors ☑️ (0) Backstories load errors 🔲 (315) Missing keyed translations 🔲 (4555) Def-injected translations missing 🔲 (2392) Backstory translations missing ☑️ (0) Unnecessary def-injected translations (marked as NoTranslate) ☑️ (0) Def-injected translations using old, renamed defs (fixed automatically but can break in the next RimWorld version) ☑️ (0) Argument count mismatches (may or may not be incorrect) ☑️ (0) Unnecessary keyed translations (will never be used) ☑️ (65) Keyed translations matching English (maybe ok) You can safely ignore these, most of the time it's intended to leave as English (e.g. no suitable word in Thai, not really need to translate, etc.) For example, all subjects in Credits.xml and Quadrums name in Time.xml will not translate. Please see glossary wiki page about which words will leave as it is and reason behind that decision. ☑️ (0) Backstory translations matching English (maybe ok) Active translators @zalxXxlaz Inactive translators @AEnigmatrices @nicesafaleen @hapnait @zetathix @BillPatsakorn @guiltyhollow

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