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Steel Hill's Last Hold

The Steel Hill Mercinaries were a prominant group of midworlders, who often are hired to deal with bandits throughout space in thier system. They get a report from one world that bandits had been orbiting and blockading for ten years. Steel Hill took up the call, but upon reaching the world, were shot down by planitary defence systems. The ship managed to keep apart for most of the decent, but most of the ship's Emergency Atmosphere Survival pods were destroyed. The captian and five others loaded as much into the pods as they could, along with one person's warhounds, and launched out upon the ship hitting the atmosphere. The ship destroyed upon bouncing off the atmosphere, and only those six survived. On the surface, they now must deal with the bandits that apparently make up the world's population, and fortify from falling ship debris. You six educated, resourseful midworlders will crash down with a few supplies. You've all trained for combat for so long that you won't be bothered by a few wounds, or foe's deaths. This world has lower gravity than the Steel Hill are used to, giving them unusual carrying and manipulating speed compared to the world's other inhabitents. Thier training will influence thier skill in aiming and reloading. The atmosphere is light, and won't eat through exposed gear as fast. The Steel Hill also have training in several other areas of expertise, like animal handling, construction, trading and medical practices. Oh, and they're hardened against poisoning. You'll find exposed bandit camps every once in a while, but be wary of fires from crashing ships, and raids from the dangerous inhabitants of the world. On the other hand, plenty of supplies will be falling from the sky, or carried to you by misguided assailants.

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