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5 people are fleeing from the Algazar conflict on Antinerian 2 light days away. They have found themselves on this Rimworld with no way to get anyfurther or retreat to where they came from. They are trapped, with no place to go. They realise that this is the plae where they will have to stay for now. Suffering from PTSD due to the war, they are wracked with nerves and frind working hard sometimes with a low mental break threshhold. Though the road ahead may be treacherous and their journey full of danger, they still have hope and begin the construction of the new base. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 5 people. Your people will be between 18 and 24 years old. Player starting characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Nervous Start with research: Pemmican Start with research: Gun turrets Start with research: Machining Start with research: Smithing Start with research: Drug production Start with research: Firefoam Start with research: Electric smelting The stat "global work speed" will be universally multiplied by 175%. Permanent game condition(s): -Climate cycle: A multi-year climate cycle due to an elliptical orbit. Start with: -Wood x200 -Packaged survival meal x75 Map is scattered with: -Ship chunk x5

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