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Razzle Dazzle!

Frankly, rim colonists are too downhearted about things. Sure, you just saw your spouse eat your dead dog raw after the ostriches that killed him ate your winter supplies, but is that really an excuse to be glum? Razzle Dazzle introduces performing arts to the rim, so that we can get over this dead dog drama with a little song and dance! - Performance: The new skill for your colonists to work on! Good performers can lift the spirits of everyone in the audience, whereas bad performers can turn a masterpiece into a muffalo corpse. - Theatre: Get your artists to write great tragedies at the sculpting bench (it is just a table, after all), and then build a stage so that your performers to rehearse and deliver them! Mood boosts for anyone who attends, unless the quality is terrible! - Music: Compose artful pieces at the piano and then hold concerts to wow your fellow colonists! - Stand-Up: Fancy a quick mood boost? Rehearse a stand-up routine at the microphone stand, and watch your colonists crease up with laughter, or sit in stony silence as a comedian dies on stage. - Radio: Performances from all of the above will be automatically broadcast if you have a broadcast tower, with subscription payments sent in by nearby settlements based on the quality of your broadcast. Clashes: - Misc. Robots robots do tend to come along to performances. I honestly have no intention of fixing this, it's too cute!

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