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Stop right there !

It's probably easier than the classic mode in rimworld. Tree character deserted the millitary force on orbit of this planet and now they try to quit this planet the faster they can. But hopefully they succcesfully stole 5 cows instead of more food. But saddly they forgot their armor in the battle. Every year a good old friend will send them a little bit of ressources. But don't be silly some people are going to be send to take you down. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 3 people. Your people will be between 20 and 40 years old. Arrive in drop pods. All characters have a 50% chance to start with cryptosleep sickness. Start with research: Smithing The stat "immunity gain speed" will be universally multiplied by 125%. The stat "Accuracy (medium)" will be universally multiplied by 175%. The stat "Accuracy (short)" will be universally multiplied by 220%. The stat "recruit prisoner chance" will be universally multiplied by 250%. Incident created: -Resource pod crash -Ambush -Enemy raid -Ship chunk drop Incident(s) disabled: -Orbital trader arrival -Wanderer join Can never build: -Orbital trade beacon -Comms console Start with: -Packaged survival meal x40 -Medicine x30 -Component x30 -Rifle -Automatic rifle -Automatic grenade launcher -Cow x4 -Steel x650 Map is scattered with: -Steel x720 -Wood x800

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