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Dragon Claws Inc.

You are given a small group of people that are of the ages of 18-28. One of them must be ggood at melee combat and must be named Kyle Dragon. If Mr. Dragon Dies then you lose. You may reload saves but if there's no going back then its all over. Here are your goals. Make 100,000 silver and must reach a population of 15+. (Alt) You can also create a ship and leave the planet with the money in order to go to a more colonized planet and make more money(RP). (Bonus Quest) Get Dragon Hitched, Give Mr.Dragon the Power Claw, Have 4 Thrumbos, Have all pawns in PA and armed. Please give me Feedback! Dragon_God (live in TX USA) each colonist Armed and in PA (if you have pqwns that cant fights it's ok) Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 5 people. Your people will be between 18 and 28 years old. Start with research: Smithing Start with research: Gun turrets Start with: -Armor vest x6 -Assault rifle x4 -Steel mace x3 -Steel simple helmet x6 -Cloth T-shirt x6 -Cloth pants x6 -Silver x800 -Steel x700 -Component x100 -Medicine x50 -Packaged survival meal x120 -Power claw -Wood x700 -Megaspider x2

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