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This mod adds the Mending Table and recycling recipes to the tailoring benches to the game so you can repair or recycle your items. [h1]Features[/h1] Completely repair the durability on weapons and armor. Increase the speed of repairing with Tool Cabinets. All the power of the BillsTab. Min/Max Skill, usage toogle, hauling target, filtering and multiple job queue. Progress bar to see how long they are going to take to repair your item. Scrap materials from those apparels you would rather discard in the tailoring benches. Configurable chance of failure, defaults are very rare. [b]Power and fuel requirements can be toggled in settings![/b] [h1]Details[/h1] You need to research Mending in order to build the Mending Table. You fuel it with mending kits, crafted in the tailoring bench. You need to research Complex Clothing in order to be able to recycle, it doesn't require power to work but it'll double your production if you do power it. [h1]Compatability[/h1] This mod is compatible with new or old save games. Remove any Mending Table and Mending Kits from your colony before disabling this mod. Z Levels mod will cause this mod to malfunction and eat your items because their invasive patch to Bills. [h1]Credit[/h1] This is a rewritten version of the Alpha 13 version of [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=19594.0]Wastelander's Minor mods - Mending[/url] Wastelander (original mod) Skyarkhangel, (A12 update) topp2000 (A13 update) NotFood (A14, A15, A16, A17, B18 updates) KiameV (support) Syrchalis (textures) [h1]Archives[/h1] You can find the older versions in the [url=https://github.com/notfood/RimWorld-MendAndRecycle/releases]Github releases[/url] [h1]Encourage me to keep modding[/h1] [url=ko-fi.com/notfood][img]https://i.imgur.com/yX5i0SX.png[/img][/url]