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New World Settelers

Four people achieving their goal - they have arrived to the new planet to build their home there. But this will be truely hard. Most of them are starving and have diffirent unhealthy habbits. Can they survive in this cruel world? Will they succeed to find their home? The answer is unknown. Settlement 4 Person Younger than 51 Starvation chances - 75% Alcoholism chances - 20% Smoking chances - 50% Hangover chances - 10%. Resoures: -Silver x250 -Dry ration x28 -Medcine x12 -Components x8 -Rifle -Plasteel knife x3 -Chicken x3 -Steel x75 -Wood x150 -Smokeleaf x10 On the map: -Steel x50 Leave all your suggestions and notes, good luck!

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