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Heaven's Gate

After a faulty cyanide incident, you were the sole survivor of a mass suicide among the people of your compound. A cruel fate -- and definitely accidental. You were exiled from your home planet, but the words of the naysayers cannot damage your resolve. All you have ever wanted is to build your church, spread your word, and guide your followers to true enlightenment. Well, third time lucky -- or is it fourth? Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 1 people. Your people will be between 25 and 100 years old. Arrive in drop pods. Player starting characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Psychopath Start with: -Silver x400 -Packaged survival meal x30 -Medicine x25 -Component x50 -Pistol -Steel x450 -Wood x300 -Limestone blocks x1000

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