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DON'T USE REPEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A large planetoid has passed extemely closely and has caused your planets trajectory to bend towards or away from the planets sun. The planets temperature is going to rise or drop over the next decade or so and will become completely uninhabitable. Use this game condition like the planetkiller in the defult game. When making a new colony go to the scenario editor and go into edit mode. Here you can select add part, the click Planetoid. You can set the Planetiod to throw you 'away' or 'towards' the sun. This is a permenant and cumulative condition! Good luck trying to survive in this increasingly difficult scenario, and most of all have fun! You can't add it to an existing save. (Well you can if you use the Development mode, open the debug actions menu, click the first box 'execute incedent...' and add it there. But me allowing this has allowed for you to add this in the scenario as a create incedent option, which also allows you to set it to repeat. If you want to have some time at the start without the Planetoid arriving you can set the number of days you need to prepare. If you want the incedent to stack 'NOT ADVISED' use the repeat option, I would suggest having a repeat time of at least 30 days.)

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