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[A17] Brewer Job Mod

1.0 and up version here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1678396556 This mod moves all of the tasks relating to brewing into a single job. Brewing is right after cooking priority-wise. Pawns with hauling enabled can still fill/empty barrels as needed. Direct Download: https://github.com/Dimondheart/RimworldBrewerJobMod/releases ~~~Regarding Saves~~~ -Should be able to remove from a save game (may have to reconfigure job priorities) -May be able to add to existing saves (no guarentee, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't) ~~~Mod Compatability~~~ -Compatible with Misc Robots++ -May conflict with mods that change brewing-related tasks -Should work with mods that add new beers/etc. as long as they don't add their own brewing tasks/jobs ~~~Updates~~~ ~Version 3~ -Pawns with hauling enabled can fill/empty barrels like in vanilla as well as brewers ~Version 2~ -Added Misc Robots++ compatibility -Changed preview image