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[FSF] Efficient Utilities

[h1]Description[/h1] This is a small all in one fix for the most obnoxious power drainers when it comes to colony building. Instead of building how people want they are forced to use them sparingly or exploit them in silly ways like hooking 8 beds to a single vitals monitor. The power usage has been cut to about 1/3 for all of these devices allowing you to build more of them without constructing massive power networks or using silly work arounds. Vanilla Automatic Door 50W to 25W Standing Lamp 30W to 15W Sun Lamp 2900W to 1000W Vitals Monitor 80W to 40W Tube Television 200W to 65W Flatscreen Television 330W to 110W Megascreen Television 450W to 150W Combat Extended Armory Reinforced Autodoor 100W to 30W Dubs Bad Hygiene Smart Toilet 75W to 25W Power Shower 75W to 25W Hot Tub 500W to 165W Washing Machine 420W to 140W Simple Utilities: Ceiling Ceiling Light 30W to 15W Long Ceiling Light 40W to 20W Utility Columns Ice Column 500W to 210W Sun Column 3000W to 1100W Vanilla Furniture Expanded Industrial Radio 120W to 40W Lamp End Table 30W to 15W Longwave Radio 200W to 65W Arcade Machine 120W to 40W Old Computer 120W to 40W Modern Computer 180W to 60W Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module Illuminated End Table 30W to 15W Illuminated Dresser 30W to 15W Repair Shelf 400W to 130W Ultrascreen Television 850W to 280W Vanilla Factions Expanded - Ancients Lamps 30W to 15W Vanilla Vehicles Expanded Garage Door 150W to 50W [h1]Customization[/h1] It’s very easy to modify the mod if you aren’t fond of the default numbers or want to remove one of the utilities modified. You will however have to redo your changes if the mod is updated. You can find the mod located under Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\951619111 The file you need to edit is located under the Patches folder. Simply open the file in notepad and you’ll be able to modify it. Inside you’ll find 4 paragraphs of text, each one is for a different item. If you want to remove Vitals Monitors for example delete the entire paragraph relating to it. If you want to change the power consumption look for the utility you want and change the number inside <basePowerConsumption> to whatever number you want. [h1]Languages/Translation[/h1] Korean Translation provided by Coldmoon [h1]Credits[/h1] Made by FrozenSnowFox The mod icon is from [url=https://game-icons.net/]Game icons[/url] and was modified by me. It is used under the [url=https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/]CC BY 3.0 Licence[/url] [hr][/hr] If you enjoy my mods and want to give me a little tip check out the link below. [url=https://ko-fi.com/frozensnowfox46819] [img]https://imgur.com/JLZ8hID.png[/img] [/url]

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