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Goblin Race

V1.0 EPOE Compatibility Patch is now available: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=955000202 Simple Races - Dwarfs is now available: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=966307530 This is a race mod including Goblins and Cave Trolls. It requires Humanoid Alien Races 2.0. This is my first mod, so take it with a grain of salt. Outfits and armor does not fit properly on goblins due to their unique body shape, and their really to stupid to make much that fits. The goblins of this mod is mostly based on goblins from Lord of the Rings, but also inspired from other franchises such as Dwarf Fortress and Styx. There are some custom names that stems from Tolkien's universe, otherwise the mod is relatively lore-neutral. So, the features: - Goblin race - Cave Troll race - Warchief race The latter two are much stronger and bigger goblins that may appear in mid/late-game raids. - Hostile Goblin Faction (goblin of different tribes rarely get along). - Goblin starting scenario (it is similar to tribal start, but difficult in other ways due to Goblins don't eat veggies, only meat). Acknowledgements: A big thanks to Hobosensual for making the textures featured in this mod. And thank you to everyone that helped me on the discord channel for the humanoid alien races. I would not be able to complete the mod without you. Please report any bugs you may discover in the discussion. If you have any wishes for names/faction names that you really want in the mod, submit it and I'll consider it. Helps if it sounds goblin-y. Plans for future updates: - More custom names and faction names. - Trolls will be unable to perform intellectual work. - All factions will now hate you (if I'm being to harsh with this one, I'll reconsider). - Custom Troll Heads. Ideas for future mods: - Uruk-hai race - Reavers (from firefly) - Simplistic Dwarf and Elf For anyone that might be interested, would a race mod with Elves and Dwarves from LOTR without textures be of interest? What I would do then is to simply adjust body size and type (dwarves about half-human size and fat/hulk, elves slightly taller than humans, and thin-bodied), lifespan, traits, maybe names. And of course add factions relevant to the race. Is this of interest even though it is without textures?

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Humanoid Alien Races

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