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[A17] Divided Growing Tasks

A simple mod which divides growing into two jobs: Harvesting and Sowing. I decided to keep harvesting separate from plant cutting, since they have significantly different priorities and work types (dumb labor vs skilled labor, and harvesting is affected by the growing skill.) Direct Download: https://github.com/Dimondheart/RimWorldDividedGrowingTasks/releases ~~~Regarding Saves~~~ -This mod cannot be added to existing save games -Can be removed from existing saves, but you will probably have to reconfigure the job priorities (so take a screenshot or something first) ~~~Mod Compatibility~~~ -This mod should be loaded after "Seeds Please" if it is also being used - May not work with other mods that edit the growing tasks/job - Should work with mods adding new plants or other farming content, unless they define their own tasks/jobs for handling the plants ~Thanks~ -"Prophet Of Merci" for 'suggesting'/inspiring this mod -"Coldmoon" for the English and Korean translation files

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