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A couples paradise

***Use with EdB Prepare Carefully mod!*** How long can young people last in this rat race? It's enough. Together with Your girlfriend You decided to empty Your bank accounts, and spend the money You saved on nice house to enjoy life in wilderness of one of the rimworlds. None of the ship captains will land there, but one of them, for a hefty bribe, will let drop You with emergency pods. The remaining money are not small, but not too large as well. Spend it wisely on training and equipement. You start with 2 people, arrival by drop pods. Use Prepare carefully to mark them as a pair, and use point limits to change their stats and buy some equipement. I thrown in some (positive) single time events, but You'll see when playing. This is basically adding some background story to spending cash on prepare carefully. You start with: -Silver x10000

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EdB Prepare Carefully

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