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Universal Robot

Adds a universal bot which can be crafted at machining table. Base Robot MUST be installed. Specialized robots not your thing? Need a robot that can do multiple tasks no matter how crappy it is at it. Well then this robot is for you. The CL4P-TP Model is capable of a variety of tasks, such as Flicking switches! But thats not all, Clearing forests is now a breeze, provided you have an army of these. Can Flick, Construct, Cook, Cut Trees, Mine, Haul, Clean and last but not least, do Research at the amazing level of 0. Rest of the skills are at level 3. I would've added more skills, such as gardening, crafting and firefighting, but these tasks are currently impossible due to several bugs in Base Robots, It also cannot build roofs, remove floors or smooth floors due to the same bug.

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