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Foxes Aren't Suicidal [A17]

All this does is patch {maxPreyBodySize} tags onto foxes, preventing them from preying on your colonists (or other humans). It breaks my suspension of disbelief that the foxes in RimWorld will prey on humans. In real life, their diet consists primarily of small creatures like insects, rodents and birds. We never hear of man-eating foxes because there aren't any. And if foxes readily attacked humans on rim worlds, I doubt they would survive as a species for long. [h1][b]Compatibility & Updates:[/b][/h1] This uses the xpath patching system, so it should be compatible with anything and everything. [h1][b]Saved Games & Uninstalling:[/b][/h1] It should work without having to start a new game. Uninstalling should not cause an issue, either. [h1][b]Credits:[/b][/h1] Special thanks to NoImageAvailable for the idea.

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