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Additional Traits w/ Heroes + Gods [B18 Update]

DISCLAIMER: I am not the original author, in the original post of this on Steam, Gewen said that he was unable to update this to A17 and is now willing to let me update it to B18. If there are issues, please comment and I will attempt to fix the mod. This mod and its counter part Additional Traits [B18] SHOULD NOT be enabled at the same time. Additional Traits without Heros + Gods for B18 can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=946944965 The Original mod for A16 by Gewen can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=851164051 The A17 version of this mod can be found here: https://github.com/yliankuo/Additional-Traits-w--Heroes---Gods A download for the B18 version is also available via that link. Current Version Changes: V2.1 -Updated to B18 -GiftImpact Offset changed to Diplomacy Power (GiftImpact stat was removed) -Professional Stonecutter trait was removed (StonecuttingSpeed stat removed) Original Description by Gewen:This mod adds (46) new traits to the game. May conflict with mods that modify traits or thoughts. Have you ever felt that there aren't enough traits to immersify your game-play? Well, I've got just the mod for you with Additional Traits! Ver 1.0 Traits: Confident: These pawns are more personable and have an increased break threshold Overweight: Works slower, walks slower. Athletic: Works quicker, walks quicker, aims a little better. Dextrous: Shorter trigger-pull delay, quicker worker. Good with crafts or arts. Perceptive: Improves accuracy. Clean: Healing quality goes up, and food prepared by these people have a reduced chance of being poisonous at the cost of some work speed. Near-sighted: Less accurate. Quick-learner: Learns quicker than the average person. Glutton: Eats quicker than the average person. Healthy: Recovers quicker from illness than the average person. Persuasive: Gets the edge in social performance (Trading, recruitment, etc.) Sucker: Gets suckered into selling for less, and buying for more. Amateur haggler: Gets slightly cheaper prices and sells for slightly higher. Haggling enthusiast: Gets much cheaper prices and sells for a lot more. Awkward: Fumbles through social interactions. Tucker: These pawns are a little more impactful with their words. Melodic: People love interacting with someone with a melodic voice. Uncouth diplomat: Other factions don't like receiving gifts from such an... uncouth person. Diplomatic: Gets a little more bang for his buck. Very diplomatic: Knows how to ease tension between factions with some Ag grease. Shooting amateur:Terrible at shooting. I really wouldn't give this guy a gun. Shooting enthusiast: This sharpshooter is worth his salt. Shooting professional: Rimworld Space Marines! Ver 1.1 Traits: Cold-hearted: Lacks empathy, but more or less blends in with society. Pervert: Unaffected by nudity or sharing a bedroom with strangers. Creepy. Heavy sleeper: Unaffected by people stomping around next to them while they're sleeping. Introducing THOUGHTS! Traits now include mood and relationship impacting effects! Version 2.0, professions and heroes! Careful Surgeon: NAME is a pretty good surgeon, but they takes a bit more time to complete an operation. Professional Stone Cutter: NAME likes to cut boulders down to size. Their stone cutting speed is greatly increased, but their lack of passion for other crafts slows them down. Professional Butcher: NAME likes dressing animals. Their butchering speed is greatly increased, but they're terrible with mechanoids. Professional Tailor: NAME likes making apparel. Their tailoring speed is greatly increased, but they're terrible with smithing. Loved By Animals: NAME is loved by animals, but people don't feel quite the same. Avid Artist: NAME is an avid artist. Their sculpting speed is greatly increased, but they have a weaker constitution and mind. Genius Researcher: Strange new ideas just appear in the mind of NAME. Researching new technology comes easily to NAME, but they always seem distracted. Greenest Thumb: NAME has a passion for gardening. They know exactly what a plant needs to grow happily. Efficient Builder: NAME doesn't like to waste materials. They take care in their work. Fast Miner: NAME knows how to exploit the cleavage of rocks. They don't understand why plants are so much more fragile, though. Hercules: Brave NAME, born with impossible strength and force of will. Mercury: It is said that NAME can leap the space between lightning and thunder, outfox the fox king, and reach tomorrow before the sun. Aphrodite: So wondrous is NAME to behold that one look can inspire tears, desire, jealousy, and love. Ares: Feared by his enemies and worshipped by warriors, NAME is a bloodthirsty God of War. Artemis: NAME's natural instinct to protect and nurture the people led HIM to champion the hunt. Vulcan: NAME crafts with fire and forge as an artist would with paint and brush. Imhotep: NAME sends to sleep those who suffer, the new day bringing good health to them. Sylvanus: Companion to all woodland creatures, both mundane and fantastic, NAME protects and nurtures those that respect HIS domain. Achilles: Said to have been dipped in the river of death, NAME seems invulnerable in battle. Odysseus: Craftier by far than any mortal man, NAME is also a very capable warrior. Link to Ludeon for more information: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29661.msg300431#msg300431