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Deserters ( Star Wars Scenario )

The Jedi order fell and the Empire rised. You and your brothers removed the inhibitor chips and deserted the 501st, but during the escape your ship got hit by a targeting missile and you crashed on this rimworld. Your only hope of survival is to get to Alderaan where you can join Bail Organa and fight against the Empire. Preset : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3zb6SFfNGwjQnZneGxhbHF1R1k Put it to : Username\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\PrepareCarefully Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 4 people. Arrive in drop pods. All you need is in the preset. Incident(s) disabled: -Friendly raid -Heat wave

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