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Economy Bandaid

Salutations. This is my go at an isolated economic "rework". The goal this little project is to make the prospects of developing either a drug cartel/textiles empire/weapons dealing outfit waaaaay more attractive. Some may call the hike-up in profits overkill. To that, I say... yeah,you're probably right. I attempted to increase the value of the items below to make going through the trouble to manufacturing them sufficiently worth it (as opposed to just selling raw materials with little effort). Happy selling! [h1]Installation[/h1] Put it right after Core in the mod list. This mod is safe to add to existing saves. [h1]CHANGES[/h1] [b]Drugs[/b] - Smokeleaf Joints - Beer - Flake - Yayo - Go-Juice - Wake-up - Penoxycyline - Ambrosia - Luciferium [b]All Articles of Clothing[/b] -Includes Power Armor and belts [b]Weapons[/b] - [b]Doesn't include[/b] artifacts or mechanoid weapons [h1]Troubleshooting/Conflicts[/h1] If you find that the new prices are little to op for your liking, you can go into [i]C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/294100/962813905[/i] and change the MarketValue in DrugEconomyFix.xml OR SellPriceFactor in ApparelEconomyFix.xml and WeaponEconomyFix.xml You can also remove any of those files to remove the price increase on that category of item. This is a patch mod, and should not conflict with any other mods.

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