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[A17] Moar Jobs Mod

A combined version of my divided/additional jobs mods. Will eventually feature enabling/disabling different jobs within a save game, some basic configuration options for jobs, adding to existing saves, etc. Once I add the features for enabling/disabling jobs individually and other compatibility features I will stop maintaining the individual job mods and focus on this one. Direct Download: https://github.com/Dimondheart/RimWorld-MoarJobsMod/releases Thanks to Coldmoon for most of the Korean translations, some parts (brewer job parts, nurse job parts, job descriptions) still need translated. ~~~Regarding Saves~~~ -Cannot currently be added to existing saves (usually) -Can be removed from saves (may need to reconfigure work priorities) ~~~Mod Compatibility~~~ Moar Jobs should be loaded AFTER all mods listed as compatible below. -Misc. Bees 'n' Honey (verified compatible with the July 3 2017 update to that mod) -Refactored Work Priorities (verified compatible with the July 16 2017 update to that mod) -Vegetable Gardens (verified compatible with the July 3 2017 update to that mod) -Fluffy Breakdowns -Seeds Please -Misc Robots and Misc Robots++ -Not compatible with my individual job mods -May not be compatible with other mods that change/add jobs or tasks ~~~Planned Features~~~ v0.2.0 -Individual configs per save (enable/disable certain jobs/tweaks per save, and edit in the main menu for new map defaults) v?.?.? (TBD) -A smoothing job (Compatible with [RF] Smooth Stone Walls) -A butcher job -A Jailer job (does all warden tasks except for social tasks) -Separate handling tasks (taming and training) -Option to separate hauling to blueprints into its own job -Priorities up to 9 -Better save compatability (make it addable to saves) -(Possible Idea) An "Complete Micromanagement Please" option which separates jobs as much as sensibly possible -Feel free to make suggestions, report bugs, or submit translations in the comments below! ~~~Updates~~~ ~v0.1.3~ -Added Misc Bees 'n' Honey compatibility -Added Refactored Work Priorities compatibility ~v0.1.2~ -Fixed a bug with the brewer job (barrels being ignored until all hops are processed, now brewers and haulers can both deal with barrels) -Added Vegetable Garden compatibility ~v0.1.1~ -Added compatibility with Misc Robots and Misc Robots++ ~v0.1.0~ -Initial upload, contains all of my existing tweak job mods up to this point and most stuff has Korean translations

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