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USCM - Xenomorphs Faction

This mod introduces the Xenomorphs Faction. Xenomorphs are a nightmare. They will rush you sometimes after 60 days, meaning that your score should be high enough to spawn a terrible assault when they will appear. Their faction is hidden and they will send you 4 types of xenos : - Runners : Fast, animal "bred" xenos - Drones : Your usual nightmare, born from human host - Praetorians : These things are basically tanks, large, tall, resistant and powerful - Queen : When the queen comes, problems are very close All xenos have 2 hand attacks, one "mouth" attack with devastating effects and one "Tail" attack that can easily behead or dismember. You have been warned ! Xenomorphs have specific bodyparts. They do not have eyes and breath with their back tubes. This mod works very well with USCM - Colonial Marines Faction. Their help might save your life. Special thanks to Walking Problem for the code and base XML from his mod ! Vanilla friendly Credits / Thanks : - Albion : Saved the day with the bug regarding the attacks not happening and the error in the console. Here is the link to his great mod ! : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123043922

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