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Cybernetic Storm

[H1]Cybernetic Storm:[/H1] Cybernetic Storm is a mod that adds late game depth and adaptability to your colony. Build the futuristic cyborg colony of your dreams with advanced prosthetics, weapons and armour. Take the planet for your own! This mod builds on the entire game from the industrial age though to the spacer age. It adds more tiers of research and endgame depth, including items, weapons, productions, and power, etc. Neolithic > Medieval > Industrial > Spacer > Cybernetics. Amputation > Mimic > Prosthetic > Bionic > Archotech > Cybernetic [H1]Key Points [/H1] [list] [*]Should not conflict with any other mod. [/list] [H1]More Information[/H1] (Needs Updating) Please check the [url=https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=34098.0]Official Forum Topic[/url] for more information to what is in the mod and to see images of items ect. [H1]Features:[/H1][list] [*]A whole host of items including: [list] [*]Construction Materials, Advanced Items and Plants [*]More body parts and Carbon fibre limbs [*]Basic Organs, Additional Bionic Limbs and Organs, Nano-Tech Organs, Cybernetic Limbs, and Exoskeletons [*]A range of skill based implants as well as combat implants [*]Melee and Ranged based Armours, Helmets and grieves [*]3 additional tiers of weapons inclusive of 19 weapons [/list] [*]2x Workbenches [*]Growing advanced plants to make advanced materials. [*]Advanced Power systems to power your colony. [*]Advanced limb and organ Harvesting [*]Material crafting old and new including medical supplies [*]Traders [*]Full research tree [/list] [h1] Thumbs Up[/h1] If you are enjoying the mod and you think its worth a play, please give it a thumbs up so that others may enjoy too. It also give me the incentive to keep it going when i look at the stats :D [h1]Languages[/h1] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2656297651