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(Quad-Squad) Operation Restart

In time I will be making subtle changes to this scenario so keep a watch out for new releases! Back before the world was expanded in chaos NATO started an agreement they would take several groups of four people they found fit and train them for the most brutal task they could ever imagine. Four people trained to be able to tasked to build a new civilization. Some groups have settled, some have failed, some have done well, some even turned against the mission. The squad will be up against tribes who have evolved throughout the years to see anything but their kind as a threat and some of the other groups who have been sent out before you have turned for their own cause. It is up to you to build, expand, take out the threats. There are many things to expect, keep on your and may you succeed. Your faction will be a New Arrivals. Start with 4 people. Your people will be between 18 and 40 years old. Arrive in drop pods. Player starting characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Fast walker All characters have a 100% chance to start with trait: Hard worker Start with research: Gun turrets Start with: -Random pet x2 -Medicine x50 -Fine meal x200 -Assault rifle x4 -Granite blocks x1000 -Steel x250 -Component x75 Map is scattered with: -Silver x1000 -Wood x2500 -Steel x200